Medical Billing & Coding


Medical Billing Services

Medical billing is one of the most critical components of your medical practice. Accuracy in this area is essential for efficient operations, patient privacy, rapid payments, and smooth operations of the Medical billing services. We customize medical billing services as per your needs so that you can focus on your core area.

As a Medical Billing Services company, we have the experience and expertise you need to increase your revenues and decrease your expenses. We have helped many medical specialties ensure all denials are resolved on time. Our experienced staff with our state-of-the-art infrastructure helps to accelerate your cash flow. Our Medical Billing Management focuses on submitting clean claims, quick payment and claim dispute resolution.

We bring in years of onshore and offshore experience ensuring you get the best of practices to our processes. As of one the leading medical billing outsourcing companies we ensure we modify our services to fit your practice needs. We have been recognized as one of the trusted Medical Billing companies in India and the US. Our business model ensures we use our technology and Medical Billing experts to deliver high-quality services. We have transformed many moderate practices into high-end productive units ensuring a focus on patient care.

In today’s complex healthcare market, successful management of medical billing is proving to be a massive advantage for healthcare practitioners. Doctors, healthcare workers, hospitals, and practice managers embrace medical billing outsourcing to strengthen their bottom lines. That is why U-CGS is the choice for many physician offices, clinics, family practices, billing companies, and hospitals.


  • Initial Practice Setup: Entering complete information of provider, insurance carriers, fee schedules, ICD-10 and CPT-4 codes into billing software.
  • Data Entry of all charges within 24 hours.
  • Electronic and paper claim submission to insurance carriers.
  • Accurate entry of ICD-10 and CPT codes per rendered services.
  • Persistent follow up on submitted claims till they are processed and closed.
  • Appeals and Denials Management: Following insurance guidelines for appeals and pursuing all avenues to receive payments.
  • Mailing cash statements to patients and3soft collections after sending the statements.
  • Posting of payments received from insurance carriers and patients.
  • Attending patient calls and resolving their queries regarding their balances.



Medical Coding Services

Medical coding is the process by which all medical diagnoses, procedures, and services are represented and displayed by a universal code system – a system that plays a critical role in modern healthcare operations. Every diagnosis and procedure is allotted a unique universal code number by which it is known. This system allows organizations to communicate effectively with other healthcare systems that are located across the globe.

Medical Coding Services are concerned with revenue cycle management of a healthcare business by facilitating robust billing. Whenever billing for insurance claims is done, a healthcare company must adhere to the medical coding standards for mentioning diagnosis, treatment, etc. These services are a significant part of the medical billing process carried out by the healthcare service providers. As the billing process is essential for maintaining the cash flow towards the healthcare company, it is important for the medical coding department to work with as much robustness as possible.

Our timely medical coding services and coding review services can help you secure prompt payment for covered services while you focus on providing optimal care to your patients. We can review your current coding and capture missed charges as well as opportunities to increase your revenue.

Consistency, efficiency, robustness and accuracy are the core virtues that U-CGS adheres to. We believe in providing clients with results that not only meet but exceed their expectations but always strive to achieve it. Our coders are very well versed with the changing nature of the regulations and adapt their work accordingly, ensuring accurate results.

Healthcare industry has been one of the prime recipients of our services and therefore we are able to deliver high quality services to our clients. We perform quality assurance and have certified medical coders on staff that are trained for optimal performance so as to provide you with the best possible execution of these services. We make sure that we provide you with a much more profitable experience than hiring an in-house coder.


  • Better performance of services due to the presence of specialized IT as well as physical infrastructure.
  • Our well trained, highly skilled and experienced certified medical coders works in accordance with general coding guidelines and updates necessary for reporting CPT, HCPCS and ICD-10 codes with an access to updated coding software, latest books and other resources.
  • Clean claims and fewer denials, resulting in improved cash flow.
  • U-CGS experienced and certified coders must meet 99% coding accuracy rate within assured turnaround time.
  • We access the superbills and detailed patient information from the physician’s office through a secure network and the certified coders provide CPT and ICD coding, The coded documents are checked by the medical coding manager.
  • Cut costs due to low workforce cost in India and easy 24/7 operations due to easily available workforce ready to operate in the night shifts.

We are a dynamic and adaptable team of business solutions experts. With close to a decade of practical outsourcing knowledge and hands-on experience, U-CGS brings valuable expertise to the table.




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