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Medical Transcription


Medical Transcription

  • We provides Medical Transcription Services to hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices, and healthcare institutions.
  • We assure you over 99% accuracy , less than 24-hour TAT, and competitive pricing.
  • Once the Dictations is retrieved from the FTP or client server by the account manager and assigned to the designated Team-1 transcriptionist dedicated for the physician.
  • Medical transcriptionists transcribe the audios on prescribed templates. Completed files are submitted for proof-reading.
  • Proof-readers review the completed transcripts and make necessary changes. The batch is then submitted to the quality team. Feedback on changes/corrections are sent to the T-1 team for review.
  • The quality team performs quality checks by random sampling. Feedback is sent to the proof-readers and T-1 transcriptionists.
  • Completed transcripts are sent to the account manager. The account manager will further review if correct templates are used before submitting them to the client team.


Affordable Pricing And Quality Service

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