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Medical Records Summarization

Medical summaries form the essence for the resolution of personal injury cases, medical malpractice or medical injury, insurance claims, etc. It describes the accident, the mechanism of injury, and the immediate care provided at the scene and in the emergency room, in a summarized form. Records of hospital stay and subsequent treatment by the physicians are summarized.

U-CGS has a competent and extensively trained team of nurses and medical/paramedical staff apart from its attorneys, to attend to the summarization of medical records. The medical record summaries prepared by the team is reviewed and analyzed by our senior team before sending the summaries to the client. The medical summarization indicates and highlights medical information which helps legal experts in identifying the case’s strengths and weaknesses. The arrangement of medical records in chronological order assists in easy visualization of the treatment timeframe. The organization of medical records summary helps to decrease review time by 25% to 40%. Medical summarization provides an easy and simplified review process for legal experts.

We prepare a summary of medical records focusing on:

  • Chief complaint
  • History and physical observations, impressions, diagnosis, and treatment plan
  • Progress notes, consultations, nurses notes, and diagnostic studies
  • Discharge summary
  • Medications/prescriptions
  • Recommendation for follow-up

We prepare summaries as:

  • Comprehensive chronologies
  • Narrative summaries
  • Create timelines and charts to highlight treatment from relevant period(s) of care

Advantages of working with us:

  • We deliver summaries promptly to clients within the agreed TAT
  • We send project status updates
  • We have more than 5 years of experience in handling medical records
  • We are adept at handling multiple volumes of medical records

We are a dynamic and adaptable team of business solutions experts. With close to a decade of practical outsourcing knowledge and hands-on experience, U-CGS brings valuable expertise to the table.




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